About us


What are french cream puffs:

French cream puffs are a sweet French dessert, carefully crafted with flaky pastry dough, filled with a unique custard and adorned with delicate icing. A chouquette is a hollow puff, decorated with sugar or chocolate chips.

What is CHOUX Bakery:

CHOUX Bakery is an authentic, one of a kind French pastry shop that specializes exclusively in French cream puffs, which are created fresh daily in our bakery by owner Laura Athuil and her team of experienced bakers.

What we offer at CHOUX Bakery:

We offer exquisite French cream puffs and chouquettes, as well as espresso, coffee, French hot chocolate, and tea. We create a variety of cream puff flavors that are both traditional and exotic while using authentic ingredients imported from Europe.  CHOUX French cream puffs are made with elegant, high-quality ingredients, some of which are also used by the most renown chefs in France. Our delectable flavors include chocolate, vanilla, coffee, pistachio, rum, hazelnut, chocolate coconut, salted caramel, lemon, as well as unique flavors that change seasonally. At CHOUX Bakery, customers can purchase unique boxed collections of six, twelve, or twenty-four French cream puffs. We also offer beautifully hand-crafted gift jars, filled with our most treasured ingredients.